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  • PLC Insiders is for business and personal use.
  • You are welcome to create products for sale with any of our graphics as long as you don’t sell our graphics ‘as is’. They may be sold in digital form as long as you add at least three other elements with our graphic to create a new design.
  • Color changing a graphic and reselling it is not permitted. 
  • The membership site is contains graphics  in the form of jpeg, png, and PDF graphics. We do not offer cut files or other vector graphics. We trust that you know the difference when signing up. If you don’t, please contact us for help before you sign up.
  • You may not give, share, or sell any of our graphics ‘as is’. The content of this website is intended to be used as supplies. You cannot take the digital files, and sell them as your own individual files or in a new collection. The graphics can be used as a part of a new design. You must add at least three other elements with our graphic to resell digitally.
  • Ready to Print t-shirt files may not be sold as digital files. You may sell an end product with the design printed on it. You are welcome to use the t-shirt files for other products such as mugs, drink wraps, bags, etc. You are welcome to sell the ready to print files as physical transfers. You may not sell the ready to print files as digital files.
  • You may not create any digital product for sale from our graphics or any of the content within this website without our graphics being compressed. For example, if you sell birthday invitations and release PSD (Photoshop) or other layered files, the layer that contains graphics from PLC Insiders must be compressed and merged to another layer so that our graphics cannot be extracted and used by the buyer for another purpose. If you aren’t sure, please contact us. We will be happy to help.
  • You may not let anyone borrow your login. This membership is for you and you alone. If you share your login or any graphics from this website, you will have to go. We operate on the belief that you will act in honor and good nature, but if not, we probably aren’t a good fit for each other.
  • You may not share any discount codes, discount links, or other secret sales within the sites with anyone. These are for members only. 
  • No refunds due to the nature of this membership. (The one exception is that we do offer a refund of a digital box purchase within 14 days when you upgrade to the VIP level).
  • If you purchase a course from PLC and you do not honor your payment plan agreement, and are a member of PLC Insiders, your membership to PLC Insiders will be terminated. No refunds. 
  • You can cancel anytime before next auto-renewal to avoid be being billed future membership dues. It is the responsibility of the member to cancel their membership before the next billing cycle if membership is no longer wanted. No refunds. 
  • Copyright of all graphics and any content on this website remains with Pink Lemonade Company, LLC. Copyright is not transferred.
  • We reserve the right to deny membership at any time to anyone. We reserve the right to cancel memberships of those not following the terms of use without a refund. We also reserve the right to not allow membership renewal.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

*We do reserve evenings, weekends, and holidays for time with our family.



Can I sell the designs on t-shirts for my business?

Yes. I created this site so we could work as a team together. I create graphics for you. You take the graphics and turn them into a design that you can put on products and sell them. Or use the design for website graphics, social media images, printables, etc. It’s a really cool site with really lenient terms. I respect you as a business owner and want to help you. I just ask that you respect my work and don’t do anything shady.


Can I take the graphics, create my own digital kit, and resell it as my own?

No. You may not resell our graphics unless you use the graphics in a new design of your own. You cannot resell the graphics within PLC Insiders ‘as is’. You cannot take our graphics and sell the files as your own. You can, however, use our graphics and add them to a new design. If you are unsure of how to use them, please contact us.


Do you offer cut files, SVG files, or vector graphics?

The membership site is full of over 2000 high-resolution files in the form of jpeg, png, and PDF graphics. We do not offer cut files or other vector graphics. We use a lot of texture, distress, and vintage charm in our designs and that is not well suited for the flat nature of vector graphics. You are welcome to use our graphics with a cutter like Silhouette or Cricut but you will need to use the trace feature as our graphics do not have cut lines around them. We trust that you know the difference between these types of graphics when signing up. If you don’t, please contact us for help before you sign up.


What day of the month is the Digital Box released each month?

The digital box is generally released between the 5th and the 7th of each month. If these dates fall on a weekend, the content is usually released the following Monday unless otherwise noted. Notices and announcements are posted in our private Facebook group.  You do not have to be a member of PLC Creative Living to join our Facebook group. Anyone is welcome! Click here to join us.


How do I pay for my membership each month?

Once you have signed up for membership, your monthly dues will be auto-drafted each month. If you signed up for a 6 month or annual membership, your payment will be auto-billed on your membership renewal date. If you need assistance canceling your membership, please contact us and we can help you.


How do I cancel my membership? 

If you decide PLC Insiders is not for you or you do not wish to continue your membership, you can cancel your membership by contacting us. There are no contracts so you can opt out at any time. 


Why do you not offer a 1-month membership or a trial period on your VIP Membership? 

Because of the way the content is set up on the membership site, VIP members can access everything from day one. If we offered a 1-month only membership a member could easily download the entire content for around $10 and leave. At that price point, we would not be able to cover the cost of running the site and all the work that has gone into creating the graphics. There are over 2000 files currently in the site and that number grows every month.

We considered offering content slowly introducing a limited number of graphics each month – but we didn’t want our members to have to wait. We will introduce new content each month – but we want everyone to be able to access thousands of graphics, papers, and other files as soon as they sign up for membership.


I don’t know if I want to sign up for a 6-month membership. What if I don’t like your graphics?

If you aren’t sure if the membership is right for you, we encourage you to sign up for a free sample of our graphics on our main website at

We want you to be satisfied either way and we completely understand if the VIP membership site isn’t for you. We encourage members to sign up for the digital box instead of going all in at the VIP level if they are unsure since we do not offer refunds. If a digital box member does want to upgrade, we will happily refund the digital box purchase if the upgrade is within 14 days.