Kelli Mitchell is the owner of and principal designer at Pink Lemonade Company. In 2009, while finishing up her bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Web Design, Kelli began working on her business.

In the beginning years of PLC, Kelli offered website and graphic design and branded hundreds of businesses. Requests for her design style quickly grew.

In trying to keep up with the demand, she went on a mission to come up with a solution to offer her graphics easily to everyone. From that, PLC Insiders was born.

She wanted to create a place where the phrase for personal use only didn’t exist. In trying to find graphics early on it was frustrating for Kelli to come across the perfect graphic but then see that it wasn’t available to the small business owner. Because of that frustration, PLC Insiders offers easy terms without the need to purchase expensive commercial-use licenses.

Kelli has helped others grow their businesses and places high value in a ‘community over competition’ mindset. This is evident in her Facebook group which focuses on providing an insightful, encouraging environment for personal users and business owners of all levels.

An avid reader, consistent goal setter, and believer in high-quality mindset, Kelli focuses on the heart of the business by leading her business from the heart.

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